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Intelligent Push To Talk Communications
Innovative Multimedia Push To Talk Solution
inovative ptt
TeloPTT Solution Overview
TeloPTT solution is a carrier grade intelligent push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) solution, combining traditional two way radio voice communications and innovative broadband multimedia features.
TeloPTT Solution Feature Highlights
  • Rely on existing GPRS, 3G, 4G or WiFi network, reuse infrastructure for more services
  • Central Management, all applicants and services are host on the cloud-based servers platform
  • PTT voice communications
  • Multimedia services, besides PTT,there is a variety of services like live video sharing, real time location,video & picture uploading,multimedia messaging
  • Professional terminals for professional users
TeloPTT Solution - Instant Communications
  • Private Call‐ To call and talk privately with a specific user
  • Group call‐ Communicate one-to-many in the same group
  • Dynamic group conference – allow selected members to have conference in a dynamic group
  • Dispatcher call-Various type of calls could be activated between dispatch console and group members
TeloPTT Solution - Multimedia Services
Text Messaging
Photo & Video Uploading
Photo & Video Uploading
Live video sharing
Live video sharing
TeloPTT Solution - Integrated Dispatch Console
Integrated Dispatch Console
TeloPTT Solution - Central Management
Central Management
The central administration tool, allows administrator to efficiently manage all the contacts and groups of the TeloPTT users within the corporate.
  • View, add, eliminate and manage all PTT users within the corporation
  • Assign and update PTT contacts, groups, and sub-groups, which will be synchronized with PTT users’ handsets over-the-air
  • Assign and manage supervisor and dispatchers profile
Applications Scenarios - Professional TeloPTT helps enterprises to enhance collaboration and increase productivity
app-senario-1 app-senario-2 app-senario-3 app-senario-4 app-senario-5 app-senario-6
TeloPTT - Handsets
  • User friendly radio handset
  • Multi-functional handset with similar radio experience
  • Ruggedized smart device
  • Android or IOS devices
  • Professional accessories
TE590 - Ultra Rugged Smart Phone
  • Supporting GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Water Proof Up to 1.5m for 30min
  • High visibility in direct sunlight
  • IP67 rating to withstand dust and water
  • 4200mAh large capacity battery
TE580 - Compact design for Professionals
  • Supporting GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Compact size enables one-handed operation
  • Removable High-capacity Battery
  • IP67 rating to withstand dust and water
  • 2W Speaker provides loud voice
  • Supporting GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Compact size enables one-handed operation
  • 3600mAh large capacity battery
  • Durability IP67, Up to 1.5m Drop Test
  • NFC Technology
Telo-M5 - Smart LTE Vehicle Communicator
  • GPS Tracking
  • Instant Communication
  • Android Smart OS
  • Abundant Multimedia Services
  • Extra loud and clear voice